Working smarter not harder isn't a fad, it's the catalyst for building a career that matters.

The Future of Work is anything but business as usual. The new game forward is not just different, it's the old game's opposite. We leverage the best of behavioral science, tools, and training for designing better ways to work.

It's Time to Get Your Mojo Back!

Work (wurk) 1. exertion of effort to directed to produce or accomplish something

Why Do You Work?

While most of us have experience with work, the ways in which we think (our mental model of “work”) and talk about work often differ dramatically. The reasons why we work and how work is defined shapes our ability to make meaningful improvements to that work.

We believe the work you do serves a larger perspective that transcends a means for making a living. Your work-life is also the medium through which you derive meaning, purpose, and become a person. The new work-life standard is one of integration not balance.

Just as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole doesn’t exactly work, it’s no longer enough trying to fit yourself into a “job”. Success in the future of work comes to those who know themselves – their natural strengths, talents, and how best to fit work that matters into their lives.

We created Career Mojo™ to help you and your team make the shift to find better ways to work and live. We’ll not only help you understand what scientific studies say about human behavior, motivation, and achievement, but we’ll also explore the resources, tools, technology, and software that naturally optimizes human growth and potential.

When you join our dynamic learning community, you’ll gain access to a new set of skills and strategies to shape a smarter, more sustainable work-life.

One Simple Question for You

So why do you work?

We’ve asked this question to hundreds of professionals over the past year and the answers are all over the map. Who knew such a simple question could be so complicated? This question is fundamental to our research as it lays the foundation for Career Mojo, and opens up a universe of exploration for those who are looking for more than a surface explanation.

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